Information The data here is how to fix TZ-AC for the meantime, and should not be seen as a permanent solution.

Automated method

Finnborg from Tek-9 has created a batch script to automate this process, you can download it here. You will need to run this script as an administrator, and the hosts file will automatically be updated. This is a simpler method for people who don't know how, or don't want to alter the file manually.

This file has been checked and is clean

Manual method

The information on this page teaches you how to manually set the DNS target for so that it will still point to YCN servers. At this time, TZ-AC points to GoDaddy, causing issues with the website especially. This guide involves the alteration of your hosts file, and if you follow this guide correctly, you should experience no issues or negative effects from the alteration.

Locating the hosts file
The hosts file exists in different locations depending on your operating system, however can usually be accessed in the same way. First of all open "run" (you may need to do so as an administrator depending on your UAC settings, and run the following command:

notepad %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
At the bottom of this file you should add the following two lines, and save:
And that's all! you should then try and open your browser and visit, if this works, then you have altered the hosts file correctly, and can continue to use the TZ-AC website.